Mission and Goals


Beyond Separation works to heal the personal and collective wounds of white supremacy to create equity, freedom and justice


In order to support committed engagement toward this mission we empower participants to:

  • Develop resiliency and capacity to confront racial inequality

  • Cultivate and experience trust, support, and ongoing community

  • Connect deeply with ourselves and develop inner resources

  • Develop leadership skills to contribute meaningfully to the movement for racial justice

  • Support personal and collective sustainability to stay engaged in the work

  • Learn about personal, interpersonal, institutional, and structural levels of racism and how they operate

  • Illuminate the impact of white supremacy on our personal and collective well being.

  • Challenge the narrative of disempowered, isolated white individualism

  • Encourage white people to take an authentic and compassionate stand against white supremacy

  • Share information, resources, and opportunities to further engage in dismantling racism

  • Engage with other white people around racial justice in all aspects of our lives

  • Embody and act upon a new story of solidarity and collective liberation