Some things to be aware of:

  • Class teachings and whole group discussions typically take place sitting in chairs in a circle of 15-20 people.
  • The class is highly interactive and invites physical movement in a variety of ways.
  • There are dyads and small group discussions.
  • There are activities in which standing or walking is invited.
  • There are invitations to somatic/kinesthetic awareness.
  • Occasionally, groups of participants are invited to lead the whole class in activities.
  • Short videos are used to deliver content and spark discussion.
  • All activities are by invitation. We do our best to make activities work for all types of abilities.


Q. I have a physical disability. What can you tell me about physical access?

A. Our classes and workshops are always held in spaces that are wheelchair accessible and offer ADA compliant restrooms. We do our best to find spaces with gender neutral restrooms, when possible.

Q. I am visually impaired. Can I still participate in the class?

A. Yes. However, the building does not include signage in braille. Also note that there are videos included in the curriculum.

Q. I am hearing impaired. Can I still participate in class?

A. Yes. However, we are unable to offer ASL interpretation at this time. Our videos do include closed captioning.

Q. Can I bring my service animal to class.

A. Yes.

Q. Is there child care available.

A. Not at this time.

Q. Are there scholarships available.

A. Yes. There are a limited number of scholarships.  Please contact to request one.

Q. I require an accommodation not mentioned above.

A.  Please contact to request other accommodations.